Want to launch a 6-figure, in-person, transformational event?

Have you ever wanted to launch a live event to boost your authority, expand your impact and increase revenue, but you had absolutely no clue on how to get started?

Well, you’re not alone.

In January 2022, I helped launch a brand new venture focused on building a community around in-person events where attendees came to network and learn about topics centered around one interest, specifically here, starting a business.

We launched that January from stealth mode; no one had ever heard of us before.

And just 6 months later, we went from 0 to 1100 new leads, an engaged clientele paying 4-figure registration fees for our inaugural event, and a $25,000 industry sponsor. 

Soon afterwards, we relaunched early registration for the same event to occur 1 year later.

We even increased our prices by $1,000 per ticket…

And you know what happened?

Some of our attendees from the first event purchased the higher priced tickets right away!

They registered…

  • Without seeing next year’s agenda…
  • Without knowing who the speakers would be…
  • Without caring about flight costs or hotel expenses…
  • Without securing time off from work…
  • And even without the fear of a health-related pandemic or crisis putting a halt to their plans.

That's the magic that comes from creating a high-touch, life-changing, in-person experience where clients found tremendous value in what they paid for.

So, how did we make it happen?

Well, we focused on a few things:

  1. We created a unique twist on a very familiar service.
  2. We booked top-notch speakers in the field.
  3. We targeted a very specific audience and knew them like the back of our hand.
  4. We selected the right venue to match what our ideal audience would desire.
  5. And we promised an amazing experience.

Then most importantly… We delivered on our promise!

And following that very first event, we’ve experienced:

  • A more engaged community that’s excited about our work.
  • Clients who are committed to taking action on strategies they learned from us.
  • True brand loyalty and high satisfaction with their outcomes.
  • Being recognized as budding industry leaders and an authorities in our field.
  • Profit potential that we could only imagine when we first launched into the world. 

Now obviously, it’s much easier said than done, right?

The problem is that most visionary entrepreneurs, like you, aren’t event or experience planners. 

You probably bristle at the thought of finding venues, creating agendas, reviewing agreements, securing contractors, catering, on-site logistics, and all of the other headaches you can think of.

But all of these things are vital to hosting a magical experience for your clients.

Truth is though, you’d rather work in your zone of genius.

You don’t want to learn new skills that won't directly inform the way you coach, consult, or provide your services.

Plus, focused away from your craft and being bogged down in the nitty-gritty details of event strategy is not where you want to spend your time.

Even if, in the end, you do wind up with a high-impact, profitable event.

I get it.

As a former events manager at UCLA, I’ve wrangled large scale conferences, managed dozens of speakers, and hundreds of attendees at once.

I’ve produced and directed boutique experiences with just a handful of presenters and a small number of select guests.

And I’ve even managed an impromptu speakers’ series at a casual, 2-month co-working space in a gecko-infused, yet comfy and casual, villa in Bali.

Live event creation, operations, and execution is in my blood! 

It’s my zone of genius.

And to help others experience what I’ve learned in event planning over the years, I created my 6 Rights Framework that informs my work and also allows you to only work where your heart belongs.

With my Framework, you hand over the reins so I can develop and build out your vision, allowing you to host transformational experiences that will make a bigger impact in the lives of your clients.

And in your life as well. 

If you’d like, let’s hop on a phone call together to see if my 6 Rights Framework is the right solution for you and your event planning needs. 

Just book a time here.

During that call, we’ll look at how you can expand your impact, create better client outcomes, boost your revenue, and work in your zone of genius.

Spots are limited, and there’s zero obligation. But if we do end up being a fit, I’ll invite you to become a private client of mine and I can do all of this for you.

Sit back and relax while I do all the hard work!

I’m looking forward to speaking with you!

To your event planning success,

Marsha Battee

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