Time to toss the yoga pants!

Host a Live, Hands-Free, 6-Figure Event

If you're ready to elevate your authority and impact, boost revenue, build community, and get better outcomes for your clients-- my Event Secrets Blueprint will help you create a transformational in-person experience.

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Some of the benefits you'll receive after hosting your event...

  • A more engaged community that’s excited about your work.
  • Clients who are committed to taking action on strategies they learned from you.
  • True brand loyalty and high satisfaction with your clients' outcomes.
  • Recognition as industry leaders and authorities in your field.
  • Boost to your bottom line.

Ready to Impact Millions with Your Message?

I know the last thing on your agenda is to learn new skills in event planning and strategy... especially since it won't directly inform the way you coach, consult, or provide your services? No worries. I've got you covered with 3 options to work with me and my team.


Event Planning

Don't get bogged down with the nitty-gritty details of event planning. Hand it over to us so you can work in your zone of genius?



Event Planning

Already planned your event or retreat and simply need someone (or a team) to help manage on-site? Yep, that's us!



Event Planning

Don't mind learning about event planning & strategy so you can host your own magical experience... with my guidance?

Hi there, I'm Marsha Battee—

I help visionary entrepreneurs launch magical, transformational, 6-figure events.

After creating, managing, and hosting conferences and events for various groups, from physicians to entrepreneurs and for myself, my passion lies in the operational, nitty-gritty tasks that create a foundation for awe-inspiring experiences. 

Now, I’m dedicated to using my talent and expertise to help fiercely passionate entrepreneurs host live, transformational events and create meaningful connections that turn their clients into life-long customers and fans!

I’ve discovered the step-by-step Blueprint that will help you own your expertise and present it to those who need it most.

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