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Take a listen to the podcast episodes below. Marsha Battee shares her expertise on event planning strategy and top tips around hosting live, transformational, 6-figure events.

Podcast Appearances with Marsha Battee

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Your Sparkly Brand Podcast

with Megan Gersch & Lauren Tassi

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Tactical Magic Podcast

with Molly Mandelberg

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Demi's Diary Podcast

with Coach Demi


TranscendWithM Podcast

with Monica Adwani

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Founder & Principal

Marsha Battee (Bio)

Marsha Battee is an event planning strategist and coach for visionary entrepreneurs who want to create awe-inspiring experiences for their clients. From ideation to day-of execution, Marsha is an expert in all aspects of development, operations, and management, whether it’s a small, intimate gathering or a high-end multi-day conference. 

Most recently, she hosted the 1st annual Black Nurses Week Conferencea 3-day event for which she secured a dozen speakers and $25K in sponsorships. 

Prior to starting her own event-planning business, Marsha was an event manager at UCLA, where she produced programming at venues like The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills and the Four Seasons Resort in Santa Barbara. 

Marsha is a graduate of Georgetown University and lives in Washington, DC. When she’s not planning events, she moonlights as a travel nurse and has served on the frontlines during the pandemic.

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Expert Topics

  • 6-Figure Event Creation & Development
  • Event Management & Support
  • Top Tips and Strategies for Magical, Transformation Events
  • Boosting Authority & Impact with Live, In-Person Events 

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Praise & Testimonials

Founder | Nurses Inspire Nurses

Cat Golden

I've spoken at countless events and I have to say Marsha had some of the best and most thorough communication to date. 

She was very clear on what was expected as a speaker along every step of the way. I also appreciate she was on time and made sure the event was run in a timely and efficient manner. 

Planning events, working and being a coach is A LOT and Marsha did an amazing job.

Product Marketer | Implementation Consultant

Brian Park

I’ve worked with Marsha, attended her events, and even been interviewed for her podcast.

She always works hard, learns fast, and is able to adapt to any situation.  I’ve seen her set up a conference and a podcast, both in record time.  She makes seemingly impossible tasks, not only possible, but exceptional and timely.

Everything Marsha’s done has been awesome and every time I’m impressed by her work ethic and talent for learning in record time.

Founder | Real World NP

Liz Rohr

It was SO lovely working with Marsha. 

She is clearly a professional when it comes to event planning and hosting--incredibly timely, thoughtful, organized, mission-driven, heart-centered and simply delightful. 

She thought of absolutely everything and made the experience smooth, incredibly impactful and full of surprises and delight.